PSO Manila employees present solutions to clients
PSO Manila employees present solutions to clients

Our Services

End to end product lifecycles or tailor-made models based on your unique business requirements.

We look after the back end, so you can focus on growing your business and meeting the needs of your customers and clients.

We offer solutions that enable you to grow and change according to customer and market requirements whilst retaining consistently high-quality outputs, all for a reduced cost when compared to onshore.

As a back-office service provider, our customer-centric workforce offers expertise in the areas of administration, accreditation, finance processing, quality assurance, and human resources, to name a few.

Our flexible approach to client solutions allows you to determine what is most suitable for your business and design a bespoke solution.

Overview of our solutions

Offshoring and outsourcing service provider meets with client
Experienced offshoring and outsourcing service provider
Team members support clients
Dedicated teams to support seamless transition
Outsourcing employee deals with complex business models and requirements
Experience and infrastructure to handle complex business models and requirements
PSO Manila offers modular services
Modular services approach to meet your specific needs
PSO Manila focuses on compliance
Focus on quality, consistency and compliance
PSO Manila offers technology solutions
Best in class technology solutions with security at the forefront

Elevate Your Operations with
PSO Manila's Advanced Technology Suite

At PSO Manila, we offer versatile solutions tailored to enhance your operational efficiency. Seamlessly integrating with your current platform is a breeze with our "plug and play" option. Alternatively, we can design a secure and robust system, facilitating agent access to your environment.

Our comprehensive technology suite encompasses a spectrum of tools, including ticketing and task management platforms, state-of-the-art telephony and contact centre solutions, as well as productivity insights and reporting functionalities.

Ensuring uninterrupted service, our critical infrastructure services are characterized by resilience and scalability. Our approach embraces redundancy, clustering, and harnessing the power of cloud services, thereby optimizing uptime and service quality.

Data security is paramount in today's landscape. Our solutions surpass industry standards, encompassing 24x7 monitoring choices, multi-factor authentication, role-based limitations, on-site technical support, redundant pathways, and a dedicated security team. This team provides expert guidance, advisory services, and operational security to fortify your operations.

Elevate your operations with PSO Manila's cutting-edge technology suite. Your success is our priority.


Our Outsourcing Expertise





  Loan Submission Preparation

  Data Entry

 Credit Administration Support

  Broker Support




  Security Documentation

  Non-legal Conditions



  Legal conditions





  Arrears Management

  Transaction Processing

  Broker Services

  Account Administration

  Finance Processing


Support Servicing

Support Servicing


  Quality Assurance

  Reporting and Analytics

  Human Resources




  Learning and Development


  Business Process Documentation &    Mapping

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